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Wild Caught Salmon Portions

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Wild Caught Salmon Portions - 5oz, 8 per box
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Our sustainably caught salmon is a cut above the rest with its appealing dark pink hue, luscious texture and fresh flavour. The centre cut fillets are individually packaged at the source.

Southbrook Estate Grown Small Lot Wild Ferment Chardonnay
Varietal: 100% Chardonnay
Region: VQA Four Mile Creek
Year: 2013
Alcohol: 13.5%

Tasting Notes: A worthy successor to the 2012 Minerality Chardonnay, the 2013 Wild Ferment has a rich core of creamy pear brulée with tangy, almost salty notes of fennel seed. The finish is bright and long, with the oak character well balanced by the fruit and mineral qualities of the wine.

Pairs perfectly with Frozen Butcher Oceanwise salmon, prepared simply (such as poached, or salmon in a buttery sauce), Frozen Butcher organic chicken or mild curries with a buttery based sauce such as chicken makhani.
Paired with: The Frozen Butcher salmon, whole chicken, chicken breasts, chicken thighs.

 Wild Caught Salmon Portions


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